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This is going to be one of those blog posts when I just talk candidly and openly. We love that, right? I’m currently sitting on an airplane and I figured I would kill some time and you know… be productive instead of mindlessly scrolling Instagram. When I was thinking about what exactly I wanted to share with you all, my mind went a couple places: travel hacks? Fitness tips? My favorite vacations? But then this nagging voice in the back of my head whispered *therapyyyyyyy*

So we are talking (and normalizing) T H E R A P Y. 

Because quite honestly, I think more people need to be open about talking about it so the world can understand just how beneficial it is. Let me tell ya… I wish I would have started seeing a therapist years ago. Those 50 minutes sessions are the highlight of my week and have helped me cope with some of the hardest months of my life.

I feel like people get weirded out when they hear the word therapy… right?? Like, if you aren’t in therapy - you don’t want to talk about it because you don’t want people to think you need “help.”

And if you are in therapy - you may keep it on the DL so no one knows that you’re struggling or have “problems.”


How about we accept that we are all human.

We all struggle.

We all have problems.

& it is so incredibly okay to admit that and see a therapist… even if you don’t have any major problems!

(but like come on… if you think you don’t have any issues, you’re lying LOL).

I promise you are not damaged for seeking professional help.

You are doing what is best for you and if I have learned anything from my time in therapy, it’s that doing self work is SO important. Why not learn how to be better in our relationships? Why not work through our trauma instead of drowning in it? Why not be the best versions of ourselves that we can be?

*Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk*

You guys know that I am a pretty open book and I often talk on my social media about my journey with therapy (if my therapist is reading this.. HI CARLY). A lot of people have reached out to me on Instagram saying they really want to try therapy but just don’t know where to start, or they are too nervous to make the first move.

Here are my top tips I have gathered to help you feel more comfortable with therapy (keep in mind, I am not a professional and these are just tips and tricks I have gathered through talking to different people about this topic).

1. Do your research and understand you may not find the right therapist on your first try!

Therapy is kind of like dating? You aren’t always going to find your perfect match on the first try. It’s okay to go a few times and not vibe with someone and then move on. YOU are the one paying the money and you should get your money’s worth! I always think it’s helpful to thoroughly research someone beforehand too so you can gather all the information possible to see if they are a good fit. Google is your friend.


2. Ask your friends and family for recommendations.

This is how I found a therapist I really connected with. My friend found her and really enjoyed working with her so from there, I asked if she would connect me. You have a network of people (family, friends, coworkers, etc) so don’t be afraid to utilize your resources and ask around and see if anyone has any recommendations! 


3. Utilize online help.

If you are someone with a busy schedule, or you can’t find a good therapist in your area, or you simply aren’t comfortable going to an office space… try online therapy! 

Here are the two I have heard the most about (if you know of any more that you recommend, please message me on Instagram and let me know so I can update this list).




4. Your first session is the hardest & it’s okay to word vomit.

Seriously. If you blabbed non stop the whole 50 minutes… that’s okay. I’ve found that the more you can tell your therapist about you + your story, the better they can help you in future sessions. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


5. Make the time!

We are really good at making time to watch our favorite 50 minute Netflix show, so why can’t we make the time to work on ourselves? Some weeks when I am overwhelmed with emotions and I simply want to run away with my problems, my first instinct is to always cancel my therapy session because “I don’t have time!” - if this is also you… you aren’t alone. Don’t make excuses for your mental health… It's so important that we don’t overlook that aspect of our life. :)

I hope opening up on this topic helps you feel a little more at ease and helps you to understand that there’s nothing wrong with talking about your mental health.

We are all human. We all struggle. And it’s a whole hell of a lot easier going through life realizing you aren’t alone and you are safe to talk about your emotions.

Until next time….




Kate said:

Hey! Just wanted to say that I just listened to the podcast and you did a great job connecting with your listeners.

I came to see your new blog posts and as a therapist, this one obviously was intriguing to me!

All great and correct info shared, but I wanted to msg you about BetterHelp and similar platforms. As a therapist these platforms are extremely exploitative. The pay for therapists and super low, we are the lowest paid as professionals with graduate degrees, better help makes it so much worse. They also cap how many words you can type to a client, and it is overall a challenging platform.

I thought I would suggest you add psychologytoday.com for anyone seeking therapy. It is a website that can be filtered by area and there are lists of lots of very qualified therapists.

I’m from Ontario (canada) so I can’t even treat anyone outside of my province. No stake in this for me, but I recognize that unless you’re a therapist, it’s really tricky to understand these platforms are both client centered.

Hope this comes across the way I intended! 🙏

I love watching your Instagram and I think it is so important to normalize therapy, and I thank you for that!


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