Okay, sorry I couldn't resist that one. 

But hi, hello, I am finally back in town and catching up on some much needed writing and highly requested blog posts (by highly requested, I mean like 3 people have asked, but hey! Those people matter).

A few weeks back, I had the chance to go to my old stomping grounds and explore as an influencer with Visit Fort Worth. OH YA, SHE WENT BACK TO TEXAS!

For those who are reading this and don't know my back story... I grew up in the quaint(ish) town of Granbury, Texas and spent a lot of my childhood driving to Fort Worth (believe it or not, my town didn’t have mall) and my parents actually relocated there a couple years ago! So I am familiar with it and why I have never done a travel blog post on it....

...Ya got me?!

But here I am because after my trip with Visit Fort Worth, I realized... FORT WORTH IS LIKE THE CUTEST AND BEST CITY IN TEXAS?!

Seriously, it was amazing. I have a soft spot in my heart for Austin because I spent so many years living there in my 20’s before moving to LA, but man - I feel like people are quick to skip over how amazing the city of Fort Worth is. If I had to rank the Top Texas Towns, it would go like:

  1. Austin
  2. Fort Worth
  3. Dallas
  4. San Antonio
  5. Houston 

Honestly, those are the only bigger cities in Texas that people pay attention too… so don’t @ me if you are reading this and your city isn’t listed lol.

Moving on! 

I wanted to quickly break down ALLLLL the greatness Fort Worth has to offer in case you ever find yourself stumbling to Cow Town in the future! (It’s Morgan approved).


The Sinclair Hotel

Honestly… 10 out 10. When I step foot into a hotel, the very first thing I pay attention to is the aesthetic (I live for a good boutique hotel) and this one had IT GOIN’ ON. It’s so eclectic and unique!

Also, like to point out that it’s part of the Autograph Collection which is my favorite line of hotels ever… seriously, they are all stunning.

There was a gym, an amazing restaurant attached to the hotel, rustic chic decor AND! It’s located in a great area called Sundance Square, that is super walkable to all the fun spots that Fort Worth has to offer.

*I may be a little biased because it is directly across the street from my favorite restaurant EVER - Mi Cocina.

Hotel Drover

Okay, so I actually haven’t stayed here BUT apparently, it’s like the talk of the town and SO NICE. Also part of the Autograph Collection of hotels and I just Googled and gasped at the price per night so like… it’s gotta be good.

If you are looking to splurge or charge your husband's card, stay here! 

If not, just grab a drink at the bar to check it out, snap a photo and then save your money and avoid the steep room cost.


Wicked Butcher

This is a steakhouse that was conveniently attached to my hotel, The Sinclair, and we tried it out the first night. HOLY MOTHER OF MEATS. One of the best steaks I have had in a minute. Also, the servers were just so precious and accommodating... We even got a complimentary glass of champagne when we sat down! 

P.S. The Brussels were 10/10. ;)


Mi Cocina

Literally if you want TexMex and the best margarita of your life (that potentially can knock you on your ass…) YOU GOTTA COME HERE.

I am a little biased because I grew up going to MiCo with my family and it just holds so many mems for me, but seriously the food is consistently good and the drink you MUST GET is called a Mambo Taxi. It’s a mix of sangria and a frozen marg and whewwwwww… chefs kiss. I have dreams about these drinks.


This is a newer restaurant for Fort Worth (apparently) and a great spot for happy hour and drinks - and dinner if you want! 

They have a super cute upstairs area that is vibey and has an outdoor patio with a view, and the drinks were phenomenal. The food isn’t your typical type of TexMex and is more family style, shared plates - think of it more as “LA” Mexican food?

Whatever you do.. Whether it's a drink or dinner.. You have to get the guacamole trio. Bacon jam. I will leave it at that. Trust me!!!

Also, this was the goat cheese salad. I was a FAN X 10. Add chicken and you have yourself a meal!

Joe T Garcia’s

Okay, everyone and their mom will suggest Joe T Garcias when asked about Fort Worth restaurants, so naturally I had to include it in my list of places. The drinks are STRONG, the food is pretty good and it’s just a basic FW staple… But honestly guys, you can do better when it comes to TexMex.

Just my two cents though!!! But like, still good. Just not my top pick! *Cough, Mi Cocina, cough*


These came straight from the gals at Visit Fort Worth (and my parents) so I wanted to include them in my little roundup. I was only in Texas for 48 hours for this trip, so ya know… could only eat so much. But here are some other options for you to check out on your next stay!

Woodshed: Patio Drinks + BBQ

Reata: Fancy dinner

Rodeo Goat: Burgers

Masero: Kim & Kurt Willett’s Fav TexMex


The Fort Worth Stockyard + Cattle Drive

I mean, y’all can’t go to Fort Worth and NOT check out the Stockyards. It is a Texas staple! 

You feel like you are back in the wild west and there’s horses, mechanical bulls, steer, tons of country shopping and even a freakin’ CATTLE DRIVE?! It’s the world's only twice-daily cattle drive that happens everyday at 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Like, where else will you see massive longhorns casually walking down the street? 

Dickies Arena

See a concert, watch a sports game or observe the PBR WORLD FINALS?! (What I did, which was so much fun).

This is such a cool venue with a ton of different events to check out on a weekly basis. I was lucky enough to get a little behind the scenes tour and let me tell ya, it’s a pretty freakin cool stadium. Also, you can get ranch waters at the bar inside which is such a Texas thing, but was truly so amazing for my little California-living self (love me a ranch water).

Billy Bobs

If you are looking for a country bar… this is IT. Billy Bob’s is an iconic (truly) country music honky-tonk with an indoor rodeo arena, mechanical bulls & plenty of booze. Try and catch some live music here and do some two steppin. Yeeeeeee to the hawwwww. 

They also have an arcade and free dance lessons! It’s just pure, wholesome(ish) Texas greatness. 

Pete’s Piano Bar

MY FAVORITE BAR EVER. Ever been to a dueling piano bar? Okay well if you haven’t, you need to.

Make sure you try to make a reservation because this place does get slammed on the weekends (you should be fine on a weeknight). Bring some cash too so you can make song requests for the piano players! 

If you are feeling ballsy… sit at the front and get ready for them to make fun of you as you sing along!

I think that sums up the ‘MUST DO’ spots I have for Fort Worth, Texas. Have anything you would add to my list? Message me on the ‘gram or leave a comment below! 

I would also like to point out that everyone in Fort Worth is just so friendly and nice and the food is great and the margs are strong and WOW. Great times.

Alrighty, y’all. Until next time…



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