"I’ve always been one to struggle with nutrition and sticking to a workout routine, but Morgan’s 60 Day Challenge changed that for me. She helped me see nutrition and eating healthy in a positive light and continued to physically challenge me each week with her workouts. After these past 60 days, I’m feeling more energized, stronger and happier than ever! This is something I’d 110% recommend to everyone!"

Steph Gordon

"I honestly cannot give thanks enough to this challenge. I found a small little community of strong women who came together and wanted to change their health and lifestyle for the better. I am my hardest critic and always downing myself based on my body image. I love to workout but felt like I was never getting the results I was hoping for. These last 60 days I truly can say I found a coach who cares about me and my well-being and found a new love for working out again. From my one on one’s, to HIIT class I feel motivated again. Not only am I seeing the results on the scale and went well and beyond my weight loss goal, I am confident in myself again. If i could i would do this all over again. Getting coaching one on one from you has been fantastic and the fact that you told me that we will be accountable together & that we will continue a fitness journey well after this challenge, honestly made it all worth it!"

Mary Hanson

"This experience has changed me so much! I have so much more energy and feel like I am able to be such a better mom and wife! Not only do I feel fantastic but am starting to see the changes that my body has made over the course of this challenge. Morgan's program helped me to find the motivation to make a life-long change! Thank you so much Morgan!"

Trish Klock