Hi friends! 

I know what you are thinking... "Aren't you tired yet?" 

And the answer to that is... Yes, yes I am. But I am having so much fun traveling, exploring new places and trying new things! I can sleep when I'm dead, right?

In this blog post, I am giving you guys the scoop on where you NEED to stay in Lake Tahoe. If you follow me on the 'gram, you know I had never been to Tahoe (ever) and I fell in loooooove when I went to visit. I mean, the mountains and a beautiful lake? COME ON. It was like heaven for my little ski bunny self.

According to the internet strangers in my DM's, I have to go back to check out Lake Tahoe in the summer (you better believe I am), but for now let's talk about Tahoe during ski season!



West Shore Cafe & Inn

This place is a literal dream. Like with views straight out of a story book?! See above. In fact, I think I have dreamed about this place at least 3 times this week - that's how much I loved it.

West Shore is a small, boutique-y hotel with only 6 rooms and a private dock with the most insane view of the surrounding lake and mountains. Do I want to get married here now? Absolutely. Do I need to find a man first before I can start scheming up wedding plans? Absolutely. Apparently this is a super popular destination for wedding and I totally get why! Rustic, mountain chic aesthetic? Yes please.

Besides the views, the rooms are truly stellar. Look, I have stayed at A LOT of different hotels throughout my days, but this room was something special. The massive windows overlooking the water, the spacious bathrooms, the fireplace to cozy up by in the bedroom, the TWO balconies to enjoy.. whew, I was living my best life.

Unfortunately, we were there mid week so we didn't get to enjoy the cafe and dine there, but I creeped on TripAdvisor and the reviews were phenomenal soooo I guess I will just have to come back? Hehe.

If you do decide to book a little staycation at my new favorite place in Lake Tahoe, make sure you enjoy coffee (the front desk will bring you some) and a sunrise & also enjoy sunset from the dock. Perfection!


Homewood Mountain Resort

Full transparency: The actual reason I booked a trip here is because I was creeping on Instagram (what I do best) and came across an EPIC photo of someone skiing down a mountain with a bright blue lake behind them. Excuse me? I screen shot that photo and said "I must go here" - and it turns out that photo was taken at Homewood Mountain Resort! So I sent some DMs and low and behold... here I am writing this blog post.

If you want to feel like you are skiing down a mountain INTO a lake... you have to come here. It is truly something else. We managed to come on a sunny day with blue skies, fluffy clouds (am I painting a good picture?) and I swear, the view took my breath away. I kept looking at my friend going "Can you believe this?!"

It's also a great mountain if you are more of a beginner and want some chills runs! There's greens, blues, a couple blacks... it's not a massive mountain, but it definitely does the trick and you'll get your skiing fix in. PLUS, THE VIEWS? AND THE WEATHER? I was skiing in a sports bra and quite literally living my best Morgan life. An added bonus: it's directly across the street from West Shore Cafe & Inn!

If you want to know my favorite run, it's called Rainbow Ridge. Just past the sign is an incredible spot to snap some IG photos. Thank me later ;)



What on EARTH is a Wet Woody? Everyone and their mother told me to come here and grab a drink on the lake. Plot twist: I did not get the famous Wet Woody but I did enjoy the food and atmosphere. Kind of reminded me of a college frat house mixed with finer dining. Interesting concept LOL but super yummy and a great view!

Jakes On The Lake

Okay IF I had to pick a dinner spot closer to South/Southwest Tahoe, this would be it. The food was 10/10!!! I highly recommend the crab cakes and going for sunset so you can enjoy the views and walk on the deck. Also, I can't stop laughing about this spot because this is where my friend invited a random man from Hinge to join us for dinner. Ah, memories.

West Shore Market

We went here 3 days in a row so you KNOW we were big fans (or we were just starving after skiing). It's just the cutest, coziest, yummiest little market in the mountains! Definitely a great spot for a casual breakfast or lunch, or a place to grab some groceries. Plus, the sandwiches are bomb and the coffee drinks are amazingggg! If you really want my sandwich advice (you probably do not), get the BLAT with prosciutto and the aioli... holy moly. 

Okay, now let's do a little switcharoo and move from traveling to FASHION. I've gotten a lot of questions about my ski gear (I like pink, okay) and where to get it. I thought I would do a little "winter wear" round up and link all the brands so you can stock up and get ready for next ski season! Because come on y'all... it's so much more fun when you can rock a cute outfit on the slopes! 

High Society

If you want to really make a statement on the slopes... this is the brand for you. Seriously, there isn't anything by High Society that I don't absolutely fall in love with. It's definitely a little more pricey, but it's so worth it because every piece is unique, incredibleeee quality and makes you look like such a winter wonderland queen. Plus, I feel like these jackets are the type that you can keep for 10+ years and keep rewearing because they never get old. *Calm down Morgan* 

Can you guys tell I get super excited about fashion? This blog post has inspired me to go ahead and start shopping for next season. 


I am unhealthily OBSESSED with this ski outfit. It just screams "She is in Aspen, she is fun and she is ready to shred but in the most classy way" - plus, these ski pants make your booty look SO good. This was my first time trying out FERA and I totally get the hype now. 

Even better... I have a discount code! MORGAN10 for 10% off!


I love this brand if you are into super funky, retro patterns. Total 80's vibes and I am HEREEEE for it. Also, I love that they have matching base layers to go with each set. Y'all know I love a matching moment, so little details like this made my quite happy. It's a little more affordable than the other brands, but still great quality I have found!


Okay, believe it or not BUT this pink camo ski bib is from Amazon and it was only $40?! I was so impressed by the quality and it really did keep me toasty and kept the snow out. I have linked my Amazon storefront with some other cute ski suit options! You don't have to drop 500 bucks to look like a cute little ski bunny. Amazon for the win with this one!

Now, if you aren't wanting to actually purchase your gear and you're wanting to just test out skiing and see if it's for you (you're gonna be addicted, I swear!) - KitLender is a great rental service that I used a couple times before I made the move and decided I WILL be an Olympic skier and needed to purchase my own ski clothes. Hehe. It's awesome because they ship you EVERYTHING and you can request different sizes so you find the perfect fit before you hit the slopes!


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Morgan travels + fashion posts. I have some fun ideas cookin' and I think you will really like them!

Until next time...



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