I love Nashville.


This past week, I packed my cowboy hat and cowboy boots (I actually packed 4 of each because like… options) and headed to Nashville for the CMA Fest. It’s truly one of my favorite country music festivals EVER and I hadn’t been since before the pandemic. So needless to say… your girl was E X C I T E D.

Not going to lie, I think I am still recovering from that week I spent there? I ate. I drank (a lot). I danced. I sang. I truly thrived.

*Hence my 14 Day Summer Reset Challenge I am currently doing*

And of course, you better believe I am doing a blog post reviewing all of my favorite spots because there were soooo many. Even better… I enlisted the help of my friend Blakeley (Hi, B!) who is a Nashville local and such a gem. Since I didn’t get to go to every single spot on my list, I asked her to write up a review of all the places I missed so you can add them to your list for your next Nash trip. 

P.S. Mark my words (you’re hearing it here on this very blog first)... I will live in Nashville in the next year. *eek*

Okay, that’s a topic to cover another time and it gives me anxiety/excitement even thinking about it. On to the fun stuff! 




I’m going to start with everywhere I went so I can give you the official *Morgan review* and then I will list all the places my amazing local friend gave me. Let’s go… 


Sweet baby Jesus. This was one of the best meals I have had in a LONG time. Legitimately was so good that I still have dreams about the Brussel Sprout Salad. It’s a sushi/Asian restaurant and 1) vibes are immaculate - great date spot 2) sushi is fireeee 3) they have bomb Brussels. I mean… need I say more? 

This is a newer restaurant, according to my research, and it’s definitely popping. Make sure to make a reservation! I went for dinner, but I have heard they also have a great brunch. It’s also located in The Gulch and conveniently by a parking structure and a ton of cute shops.

Stateside Kitchen

Lookin’ for a bottomless brunch option? Here ya go. This place was PACKED (def make a reservation) and super cute for brunch. A little pricey for bottomless mimosas (I think it was like 40-50 bucks) but I mean if you drink quick… you get your money’s worth? If you are looking to cure your hangover… get the Hangover Burrito. Seriously. It’s called that.

Supper Club @ The Twelve Thirty Club 

ANOTHER 10 OUTTA 10 DINNER SPOT. This is right on Broadway, so the perfect place to go if you are wanting to hit a couple of the bars afterwards and listen to live music. Definitely need a reservation (I feel like every place does, TBH?) and if you are smart… get there during golden hour and snap some photos on the outside patio overlooking Broadway.

I don’t even remember what exactly I got but what I do remember is that the TRUFFLE CHEESE GARLIC TOAST (?!?!?!) was one of the greatest things I have ever tasted and an absolute must. Also, they have brussel sprouts in a soy caramel sauce so like, can’t go wrong with those too. 

Truffle.. Garlic.. Bread...

Biscuit Love 

Another breakfast/brunch staple that absolute should be at the TOP of your list. Also located in The Gulch area and likely to have a long a$$ line because they don’t take reservations… but don’t let that deter you! I promise it is worth the wait (I almost called it quits with waiting but man, I am happy I didn’t give up my spot).

Things you must get: the candied bacon, a biscuit (DUH) and if you are trying to go for a healthier option - The Lindstrom Salad is pretty darn good. And yes, it features brussels… I HAVE A PROBLEM, OK?

Frothy Monkey

If you want a casual breakfast spot with some BOMB.COM coffee… this is the spot. I went to the location on 12th Ave S, which was honestly super crowded when we went?! Which I was surprised by. But it’s nice because you can add your name to the list and then wander around the different shops while you wait! (I prefer this location for that reason)

What I ordered: the avocado toast + add an egg. Chefs kiss. I think I love food more than people?

HONORABLE MENTIONS FROM A NASHVILLE LOCAL (I really am doing the most over here, y’all are welcome).

  • Hampton Social - Cute + pink brunch vibes (So sad I didn’t get to go here)
  • Pancake Pantry - Breakfast / brunch
  • Milk & Honey - Brunch
  • Bar Taco - Casual brunch / lunch
  • Whiskey Kitchen - Popular for breakfast / brunch
  • Virago - Dinner + drinks (apparently has fire brussel sprouts…)
  • Coneheads - New spot! freakin’ chicken and mac n’ cheese in a cup?! Idk, it looks insane
  • Adele’s - Farm to table, cute dinner spot
  • Saint Anejo - Great for groups + doesn’t take reservations 
  • Barcelona - Great for groups
  • Kanye Prime - Good steaks mmmhmmmm
  • Blanco - A  MUST, but put your name on the list 1-2 hours before if you want to go. 


White Limozeen

Okay this place is like, VERY touristy but it was on the top of my list and you can see what from the photos. It’s adorable! 

Located in the Graduate Hotel, it’s an all pink bar that’s themed around Dolly Parton. Personally, I think it’s worth seeing just so you can take some cute photos by the pool. They do take reservations but they book up WAY in advance so if you actually want to sit at a table, make sure to book one a couple weeks early. If you are like me and forgot to do that… walk-ins are welcome! You can sit at the bar and still enjoy the aesthetically pleasing views.

Casa Rosa (Miranda Lambert's Bar)

Another incredibly touristy spot that anyone from Nashville will probably cringe at LOL. But look, if you are on Broadway and you’re sweating your booty off and want to sit down for some TexMex and bomb margaritas… it’s not a bad spot?! I personally loved it and thought the food + drinks were great. It seemed a little more “chill” and less crowded than some of the other bars on Broadway and was a good option is you need a break from the madness and want to grab some grub. 

Pro tip: if the wait is too long for a table, go to the bar! They have a fun menu and there was not wait when I went.


Another touristy spot but like, SO MUCH FUN. We went here every single day before heading to Nissan Stadium for CMA Fest. It’s bumpin’ to say the least.

I think this bar has the best view by far and it’s also massive?! There’s 3 floors to explore, live music and if you want to save money on drinks (and probably get a terrible hangover), they have FIVE DOLLAR frosé at the downstairs bar that is pure sugar, but delicious.


  • LA Jackson - Craft cocktails + rooftop bar at The Thompson Hotel.
  • L27 - Rooftop lounge 27 floors up?! Cool.
  • The Virgin Hotel Rooftop - A classic + epic views.
  • Pinewood Social - Bowling alley + games + food & drink. 
  • The Bobby Rooftop - Another cute + vibey rooftop. 
  • 6th & Peabody - The Ole Smoky Distillery - Moonshine tasting, lawn games, live music.


Honestly... drink and listen to music??? Basically that's the scoop I have for ya lol.

LITERALLY ANY BAR ON BROADWAY WILL NOT LEAD YOU WRONG. Some people think Broadway is touristy and “a lot” but like, I loved it and THRIVED. There’s just something so fun + festive about live music and good people. Here were my favorite spots though…

Aldeans (MY FAV)

Whiskey Row (they stay open super late!)

Kid Rocks 


  • Tootsies 
  • Honkey Tonk Central
  • Paradise Park 

Alright folks… Are you ready to book a trip to Nashville yet?! If you do, let me know and I’ll book the next flight out and meet ya there. I loved it so much, SIGH.

Hopefully this helps you navigate the city and add some fun spots to your “To Do” list while you are there. Have any other questions? Drop me a comment below! 

Now, where to next?!

Until next time…




Mandy said:

PERFECT blog!! From a girl who is born and raised in the Nashville area (Franklin) this is a great overview of such a fun city!! We all hope you move here….there is never not a time that beer, bbq, live country music is a bad thing. P.S. You hang around long enough, you will more than likely run into the big country stars are their bars!!

—Keep thriving girl!!

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