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3 Days in Santorini: Recommendations

3 Days in Santorini: Recommendations

After a long girls trip to Croatia, I was in need of some R&R so I decided to check out one of the famous Greek destinations. I was torn between between Mykonos and Santorini but after doing some research, here is what I learned...

Mykonos = party.

Santorini = relaxation.

And I needed to RELAX. Not take tequila shots. 

If you are looking for a more quiet, romantic destination with great food and epic sunsets... I would 100% recommend Santorini. They had a bit of nightlife from what I saw, but it was definitely more on the quiet side, which I loved. Now if you are wanting more of a party vibe + young crowd... I would say Mykonos is more your speed. Different strokes for different folks! (Click to read more).


November 10, 2023 — Morgan Willett
3 Days in Paris: Recommendations

3 Days in Paris: Recommendations

Last month, I took an impromptu trip to the city of love (and croissants) and spent 4 magical days exploring the city and making the most of my time.

What I learned? Paris is MASSIVE.

Seriously, there are a million different neighborhoods and areas to get lost in and you really need a WEEK minimum to see all the highlights. 

But if you are like I was and working with only a couple days.. I am going to breakdown what I did, where I stayed and most importantly - what I ate.

Hopefully this will help you better plan your trip and you'll be able to see some of my highly recommended favorite spots. (Click to read more)

November 10, 2023 — Morgan Willett
Cruise With Me: Virgin Voyages Recap

Cruise With Me: Virgin Voyages Recap

Hi friends!

I'm back in the good ole United States after a whirlwind month abroad. Crazy, I know.

One month.

15 different cities.

A whole lot to recap!

I started this month off by adventuring with my sister and going on my first EVER European cruise. Because when presented with the opportunity to go on a beautiful ship and see Spain and the South of France... you go, right? (Click to read more)

November 05, 2023 — Morgan Willett
ALL THINGS BALI: Itinerary, Recap & Recs

ALL THINGS BALI: Itinerary, Recap & Recs

Thinking of booking a trip to Bali? 

Let me help you. 

After spending two weeks solo traveling and bopping around Indonesia, I can honestly report back and say that Bali is one of my favorite places I have EVER been.

Friendly and accommodating people.

Beautiful beaches and sunsets. 

Crazy affordable hotels and villas (and massages!) 


(click to read more)

29 Things I Have Learned by 29

29 Things I Have Learned by 29


I am officially entering my last year in my 20's.


Also, hi! How are ya? Long time, no talk on this ole blog.

Like I always do, I wanted to drop some wisdom on my birthday because that's just what I like to do (and not to toot my own horn, but I think I am pretty good at it).

Birthdays are my absolute favorite, not only because it's an excuse to dress up, throw parties and be as sparkly as I want without anyone being able to tell me anything... but because it's also a chance to do some serious self reflection. (Click to read more).

Stagecoach Tips & Festival Fashion

Stagecoach Tips & Festival Fashion

Howdy, friends.

The time has come... Country music festival season. My favorite time of the year!

I'm a big Stagecoach girly (Stagecoach > Coachella) and now that I am a seasoned pro (AKA I have gone once), I wanted to compile all my country festival tips & tricks to survive the weekend and also give you all some outfit inspiration!

If you are shopping for any western event or country concert, just remember... WWMD? (Click to read more)

Moving (Like Morgan) To A New State: How To Guide

Moving (Like Morgan) To A New State: How To Guide

Can't believe I am typing this but...

I live in Tennessee now?


This has been a long time coming and it's crazy to think that a dream turned into an actual reality and I am doin' the damn thing. I am officially back to my Southern roots and living in Nashville.

Yee to the mf'n HAW, baby.

If you're like, "Morgan, where have you been?!"

Well, folks... moving across the country is no joke.

(Click to read more)
2022 & My 'Yes Year' Reflections

2022 & My 'Yes Year' Reflections


It's officially 2023.

How. On. Earth.

I think it's safe to say that many people look forward to the new year, especially those who had a particularly tough previous one. The first day of January represents so much more than a new number that you see on a calendar or a fresh new planner that you crack open.. It represents change, new beginnings, a fresh mindset and a chance to start over. For many, January 1st feels like a big sigh of relief. 

But for me...

January 1st feels like saying goodbye.

Sounds strange, I know. Stick with me here... there's a point to this blog post I swear. 


As many of you know, I decided that 2022 was going to be my “yes” year. (Click to read more).

The Good, The Bad, The Birth Control Pill

The Good, The Bad, The Birth Control Pill

Let's talk about... 

The birth control pill.

This blog post doesn't even need a cute little intro because let's be real, this topic is far from "cute" - We are getting down to the nitty gritty.

I'm going to fill you in on my experience with the birth control pill and what it was like for me once I decided to stop taking it.

Buckle up! (Click to read more).

December 27, 2022 — Morgan Willett
Mallorca, Spain: Travel Recap + Recs

Mallorca, Spain: Travel Recap + Recs

Hi my fellow travel lovers! 

I am going to make this one simple and to the point...

If you ever have the opportunity to go visit Mallorca (AKA one of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean known for beach resorts, sheltered coves, limestone mountains), you absolutely must. 

I have been to my far share of cool destinations. Africa, Italy, Qatar... the list is pretty length! (#blessed) Out of all of them though, I can honestly say that at the tip top of my list is...


(Click to read more).

All Things Barcelona: Travel Recap + Recs

All Things Barcelona: Travel Recap + Recs

Hi friends! 

Let's talk BARCELONA. I've been back for about a month (procrastinating this blog post) and I am finally ready to spill alllllll the details on my recent-ish Spain adventure. 

Unsure on what to do while in Barcelona? Looking for a solid itinerary? Want to hop around to a magical island afterwards and don't know which one to pick? Curious on the best areas to travel solo?!

Got you covered.

Let's dig into it, shall we? (Click to read more).

Trust Your Gut, Girl.

Trust Your Gut, Girl.

Hello my beautiful humans... 

I am back.

This whole consistent writing schedule isn't really working out well for me, is it? And it doesn't help that I seem to be in a different state each week.. But hey, it's my yes year! YO to the LO.

But seriously, I did have an itch to write because it does calm my mind and it's an excellent way for me to escape and stop scrolling social media + wondering why Instagram seems to be going down the drain. *The damn algorithm*

A couple days ago, I asked my friends on social media (the irony) to shoot me some ideas of what they would want me to dig into and I got some great feedback. (Click to read more)