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Hey, I am so happy you are here! This blog is your one-stop-shop to for all things fitness, fashion, travel & lifestyle from social media influencer, Morgan Willett. Hope you enjoy moving through this crazy thing called LIFE with me… Happy reading!

My 2024 Word of the Year (& How to Choose Yours!)

My 2024 Word of the Year (& How to Choose Yours!)

It's officially a brand new year.


If you're anything like me, January 1st is more than just a day to nurse a hangover or jot down a few goals (and then stash them away until December). 

I seriously... take it seriously.

The beginning of the year symbolizes so much.

You get to create goals, hopes and dreams.

You get to craft vision boards.

You get to start new fitness journeys.

You get to decide EXACTLY how you want your upcoming year to be. (click to read more)

Mallorca, Spain: Travel Recap + Recs

Mallorca, Spain: Travel Recap + Recs

Hi my fellow travel lovers! 

I am going to make this one simple and to the point...

If you ever have the opportunity to go visit Mallorca (AKA one of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean known for beach resorts, sheltered coves, limestone mountains), you absolutely must. 

I have been to my far share of cool destinations. Africa, Italy, Qatar... the list is pretty length! (#blessed) Out of all of them though, I can honestly say that at the tip top of my list is...


(Click to read more).

Trust Your Gut, Girl.

Trust Your Gut, Girl.

Hello my beautiful humans... 

I am back.

This whole consistent writing schedule isn't really working out well for me, is it? And it doesn't help that I seem to be in a different state each week.. But hey, it's my yes year! YO to the LO.

But seriously, I did have an itch to write because it does calm my mind and it's an excellent way for me to escape and stop scrolling social media + wondering why Instagram seems to be going down the drain. *The damn algorithm*

A couple days ago, I asked my friends on social media (the irony) to shoot me some ideas of what they would want me to dig into and I got some great feedback. (Click to read more)

A Girls Guide To Solo Travel

A Girls Guide To Solo Travel

Howdy friends!

You know what I am good at? 

  • Making lists.
  • Oversharing on Instagram.
  • Wearing pink.

The list truly can go on and on. ;)

But you know what I am really BAD at? 

  • Remembering to post routinely on this blog.

As I was sitting on my couch tonight, researching hotels for my upcoming trip tp Spain... It hit me.


Nashville: Travel Recap & Recs

Nashville: Travel Recap & Recs


I love Nashville.


This past week, I packed my cowboy hat and cowboy boots (I actually packed 4 of each because like… options) and headed to Nashville for the CMA Fest. It’s truly one of my favorite country music festivals EVER and I hadn’t been since before the pandemic. So needless to say… your girl was E X C I T E D.

Not going to lie, I think I am still recovering from that week I spent there? I ate. I drank (a lot). I danced. I sang. I truly thrived. (Click to read more)

Party Planning 101

Party Planning 101



2) What a whirlwind month?! Holy moly. I feel like I am finally sitting down and able to take a breath and while the month of May was pure amazing, nonstop CHAOS... I am thankful for things to slow down (a bit).

If you follow me on the gram, which hopefully you do, you probably saw all the details of my Great 28 birthday bash. (Click to read more)

Lake Tahoe: Travel Recap & Ski Fashion

Lake Tahoe: Travel Recap & Ski Fashion

Hi friends! 

I know what you are thinking... "Aren't you tired yet?" 

And the answer to that is... Yes, yes I am. But I am having so much fun traveling, exploring new places and trying new things! I can sleep when I'm dead, right?

In this blog post, I am giving you guys the scoop on where you NEED to stay in Lake Tahoe. If you follow me on the 'gram, you know I had never been to Tahoe (ever) and I fell in loooooove when I went to visit. I mean, the mountains and a beautiful lake? COME ON. It was like heaven for my little ski bunny self.

According to the internet strangers in my DM's, I have to go back to check out Lake Tahoe in the summer (you better believe I am), but for now let's talk about Tahoe during ski season! (Click to read more)

Vail, Colorado: Travel Recap

Vail, Colorado: Travel Recap

Hi friends, 

She's baaaack (for a very short period of time before I pack my bags again... eek) and comin' in hot with a little Colorado travel blog.

Let me start this off by saying I am unhealthily OBSESSED with Vail? Like it's almost to the pink, buttery chardonnay, Brussel sprouts level of obsessed. Crazy, right?

Also, very obsessed with my new ski hobby and thinking I may have a shot at the new winter Olympics (kidding but... not). (Click to read more)

FAQ: How Do I Stay Motivated?

FAQ: How Do I Stay Motivated?

Hi friends,

Welcome back to another glimpse inside the mind of Morgan Willett!

(I thought that sounded cool, okay).

Do you want to know some of the questions I get asked the most? 

Even if you don't really care to know... let me tell you anyways! 

  1. "How do you have so much energy?" Answer: An insane amount of pre workout, 8-10 hours of sleep a night, & 12 years of cheerleading.
  2. "Are you ever coming back to The Challenge?" Answer: I enjoy positive, healthy environments.... so no. Lol.
  3. "What's your favorite kind of Brussel sprout recipe?" Answer: Any and all... I don't discriminate against the sprouts! But I prefer 'em with bacon.
  4. "How do you stay motivated?!" Answer: THIS BLOG POST!

That's right. We are talking motivation. (Click to read more).

Cabo San Lucas: Travel Recap

Cabo San Lucas: Travel Recap

Hola, friends!

...I just got back from Mexico so that seemed like an appropriate way to kick off this blog post, ok.

(P.S. I also took 8 years of Spanish in high school/college and I still can only speak maybe a sentence or two of Spanish... major fail on my part).

Question for you all... When you get home from a trip, do you get the "post vacation blues" ...because I sure as heck do!? This whole entire week I have been day dreaming about laying next to the ocean, drinking spicy margs and consuming an insane amount of guacamole. My trip can't possibly already be over? How on earth did 4 days go by so quickly?

Back to reality Morgan! (Click to read more)

Anxiety Sucks (But Here’s How I Cope!)

Anxiety Sucks (But Here’s How I Cope!)

I feel like this blog is going to be like a roller coaster. There’s SO much I want to write about… advice, feelings, travel, recipes, fashion… EVERYTHING?! So buckle up, friends. You’re gettin’ it all. One week may make you laugh, one week may inspire you & this week, I hope my words can simply make you feel less alone. (Click to read more).

Therapy… Let’s Talk About it?

Therapy… Let’s Talk About it?

This is going to be one of those blog posts when I just talk candidly and openly. We love that, right? I’m currently sitting on an airplane and I figured I would kill some time and you know… be productive instead of mindlessly scrolling Instagram. When I was thinking about what exactly I wanted to share with you all, my mind went a couple places: travel hacks? Fitness tips? My favorite vacations? But then this nagging voice in the back of my head whispered *therapyyyyyyy* (Click to Read More)