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Workout with Morgan On-Demand

With the Move Like Morgan 2.0 app, On-Demand classes can be enjoyed right from the comfort of your own home! On-Demand workouts are a great option that is easily customizable to meet your needs and schedule!

Unlock Morgan's Healthy Recipes

We all know that the key to feeling right is eating right. With Move Like Morgan 2.0 you can unlock access to simple, nutritious, and high-quality recipes for you to incorporate in your weekly meal schedule.

Challenge Yourself

When you sign up on the Move Like Morgan 2.0 app, you gain access to Morgan's transformative fitness challenges. These are a great option for someone who wants to hit the refresh button both mentally and physically.

"Changed my Life!"

"Morgan has helped change my life! I used to be terrified of going to the gym because I didn't know what to do but Morgan's videos helped me walk into the gym with a confidence I didn't know I had. Her workouts have kicked my butt and I always feel the most confident and the happiest after working out because I know I accomplished a lot. I'm slowly reaching my goal and I am back to working out and feeling like myself again! Thank you Morgan for always encouraging us!"

- Esperanza Flores

"Great Support!"

"I've been following Morgan since Big Brother and have loved keeping up with her fitness journey! I used to barely workout and didn't really care about fitness. Now, I workout 5 times a week! She definitely inspired me to make fitness a bigger priority in my life. Morgan's videos have also been a great support as I navigate what types of workouts are best for me."

- Alison Kamis

"Easy to Follow Along"

"With COVID, my workouts needed a change and I am so happy I found Morgan's easy to follow along workouts on her Instagram and in her Facebook group. I've been doing her 15 minute ab workouts on IGTV as well as her HIIT workouts for only a few weeks and I can already feel my muscles getting stronger! I can start to see my triceps and biceps starting to take shape. I can't wait to continue these workouts and I will be definitely incorporating them into my schedule even after my gym re-opens!"

- Amanda Marchione

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