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At Move Like Morgan, we believe that strong is sexy and every body is beautiful! If you are looking to create a healthier, happier lifestyle - Move Like Morgan is your first step!

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Hey girl! Are you ready to take that jump and kickstart your health and fitness journey? The time is now and I would love to help!

The Mission

Move Like Morgan is a fitness and lifestyle-centric brand created by Founder and social media influencer, Morgan Willett. Move Like Morgan strives to help others gain confidence and live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Through the supportive Move Like Morgan community, on-demand workouts, and relatable blog; Morgan is your new internet best-friend and cheerleader ready to motivate you to reach your goals.

Hi y'all!

Morgan here. If you are stumbling upon this page and wondering who is the girl in the hot pink… let me fill you in! 

I am a born + raised Texas girl - yeehaw  - living in Los Angeles. In addition to being a full time content creator, I am also a fitness instructor and entrepreneur. Let’s just say, I like to keep myself very busy! My main focus is fashion and fitness (with a sprinkle of travel), and I am obsessed with anything pink, sparkly or bold. Life is too short to blend in and I strive to encourage everyone to live authentically for what they enjoy, not others.

Prior to moving to California, I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism. After realizing the corporate world was NOT for me, I decided to try a more unconventional route. Many of you may recognize me from my time on reality TV. I started on CBS’ Big Brother: Over The Top (& won!) and from there, went on MTV’s Ex On The Beach & The Challenge. Post reality, I decided to commit all of my time to growing my brand and making this a full time job. I was determined to be my own boss.

& let me tell ya… when I set my mind on something, I won’t stop until I make it happen!

This site all began when we were faced with a worldwide pandemic in 2020. During this time, I decided to start posting more of my workouts on Instagram for people to utilize during the lockdown. After realizing how much I could impact people’s lives, I decided to launch my business, Move Like Morgan! Move Like Morgan began as a 60 day, at home training program designed to help those kickstart their fitness journey & build confidence. From there, I began to teach classes at Bandier’s Studio B and quickly realized how passionate I am about making workouts upbeat & enjoyable. I want people to understand that fitness is more about how you FEEL and less about how you LOOK. Working out doesn’t have to be a chore, which is why I have taken Move Like Morgan ON DEMAND. It was important that I could make my workouts accessible to anyone at any time. Endorphins, baby!

Beyond fitness, I absolutely love my job as an influencer. I genuinely enjoy creating content & sharing the good, bad, happy and sad aspects of my life. After going through a tough time in the public eye, I realized the healing power of writing and being vulnerable. I started sharing my day to day thoughts with my followers and learned just how helpful it was for not only them, but ME. From there, I decided I wanted to go beyond just providing workouts and rebrand Move Like Morgan to also include a lifestyle blog - Move WITH Morgan. I invited you to move through life with me, Morgan, your internet bestie. From traveling, to recipes, to life advice, to my random thoughts… you name it, I’ll write it. 

My hope is that Move Like Morgan will be a community of strong women, striving to uplift each other and build confidence by simply being YOURSELF. I absolutely love getting to know each and everything one of you and I hope you will be able to leave my site with something valuable. Whether it’s a workout class, a new place to visit or a tidbit of advice that makes you feel less alone… whatever it is, thank you for all your support. Love y’all big time!



"Variety of Workouts!"

"Morgan has influenced me in so many different ways! I am someone who tends to lose momentum when it comes to working out, but Morgan has truly helped change that. She's such a positive light and makes fitness + being healthy obtainable! I also love the variety she has with her workouts and how she listens to her followers! Her Facebook group and Instagram posts have also helped me to allow myself some grace, which keeps me from giving up. I am SO excited for Move Like Morgan!"

- Erin Robin

"I feel AMAZING!"

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your workout videos have been helping me stay active. As a single mom and a full-time teacher, it is so hard to stay motivated to move. I have been doing your workouts everyday, 6 days a week and I feel AMAZING!"

- Lauren Ramirez